A reliable strategy

We create a step-by-step action plan from the client's first "touch" to a successful transaction based on market, competition and budget analysis.

A marketing communication strategy is an action plan, based on numbers and data, which in a repeatable and automated way, will win as many customers as your company can handle.

The brand communication strategy develops and shapes the product, highlighting it is greatest values and unique features, adapting the form of advertising to the audience, while giving the appropriate emotional intensity.

The company's sales marketing strategy is created on the basis of an analysis of the customer's previous experience, so as to build a pricing policy that will result in a successful transaction and satisfactory after-sales support.

Quick scaling

We increase revenue in your company by developing an optimisation of operating costs, taking into account the current state of the company and the market situation.

We break down all the activities into their constituent parts, identifying those that will be automated and selecting the appropriate tools. We plan automatic scenarios that guide the customer through the stages of the sales funnel until the purchase.

We strive to systematise the sales process. We replicate activities that increase customer numbers while minimising exponential cost increases. We prepare the company to enter new customer segments.

We prepare a process based on optimising the cost of acquiring a customer. We carry out thorough analyses of conducted sales campaigns - we draw conclusions from them and implement new and better solutions.


Analytical CRO

We work on improving the performance of your website. We define the unique goals and content of the website. We use the traffic that is already present on the website and maximise its potential.

We manage the advertising budget wisely in order to increase the number of actions taken on the website without simultaneously increasing the cost of acquiring traffic.

We strive to systematise the sales process. We replicate activities that increase customer numbers while minimising exponential cost increases. We prepare the company to enter new customer segments.

We make the shopping process as easy as possible so that the shopping experience is smooth and convenient for the user.

In order to ensure the most appropriate communication generating the highest sales results in a given customer segment.

Engaging creations

We create advertising creations that stimulates the recipient to action, arouses emotions and encourages to purchase. We focus on emotions, not on a pretty appearance.

Based on data bought from sales platforms, we create interesting creations for the recipient that are tailored to their tastes and thought out from a psychological perspective.

We prepare creations personalised to the relevant target group, offering brand values.

We create engaging advertising banners that are not only catchy but also encourage people to buy.


Precision Social Media Ads

We develop effective content from promoting your brand, raising awareness among your audience to a tailored advertising campaign. We know this channel inside out!

We buy data about the interests and preferences of your audience. We prepare advertising based on reliable information, not guesswork.

We test our advertising campaigns on different target audiences to see which are most effective - there is no question of burning through your budget.

We distribute ads based on results. We plan remarketing, aim to increase the conversion rate on the website. We optimise the cost of each click.

Target Google Ads

Currently, more than 3 million websites and applications are promoted on the Internet in the Google search engine. We are constantly improving the methods we use so that, in the thicket of advertisements, our advertising campaigns appear at the right time to the right clients.

We create different advertising sets by testing, analysing which are the most effective. We test different audiences in order to act only with the most effective advertising campaigns.

We adapt to the dynamically changing shopping behaviour of users on the Internet. We constantly change our advertisements for new trends in order to make marketing communication attractive for the recipient.

Once again, we reach out with an advertising campaign to people who, for some reason, did not make a purchase in the shop. The customer will not be able to resist another advertisement.

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