5 tips that it's high time to hire a marketing specialist.

Just a few years ago, it was possible to promote your brand on Social Media on your own and get a positive response. Today, however, it is much more difficult, mainly because Facebook positioning algorithms are increasingly complex and not easy to understand for a person who does not specialise in marketing. It takes a lot of experience to be able to effectively promote an ad that nimbly bypasses the algorithm and achieves the desired goal. From the article you will learn: when to turn to a specialist and what to look out for when you want to hire the right person.

No experiencewhich is very valuable. Some advertising requires extremely in-depth analysis to be effective. Only a person who has worked with paid advertisements can know something about it. Independent attempts to launch ads may turn out to be aiming blindly, because we do not know what indicators to take into account, sometimes you have to be patient, and sometimes it is not worth it. Only an experienced person is able to judge when to make the right move. If you are at the point where you systematically allocate a certain budget, and unfortunately you do not see results, you have tried many methods and read half the Internet, it is worth relying on a specialist, who will look at your business - marketing activities and make adjustments that will increase your results.

 You do not have much time. As your business grows, it is clear that you will need to delegate some tasks. If you are in a place where you lack time for: e-marketing, influencer marketing, promoting blog content, A/B testing, positioning your texts for SEO or your shop needs care and constant improvement. Consider hiring a specialist, because a thriving business that receives little attention to advertising can quickly disappear into the thick of competition. The worst option is to leave the activities to themselves... "and somehow it will happen".

Brak wiedzy. You can read many articles. However, if you do not take the time to practice and learn "live" the operation of the constantly changing positioning algorithm, unfortunately, our efforts may prove fruitless. If there is a high interest in your product, but low income and you do not know how to check and measure what is behind it - it is the right time to turn to a specialist, because you are really losing potential customers every day who are interested in your products, but for some reason do not buy. Sometimes a small change can help, e.g. work on a coherent communication strategy, defining the ideal customer, improving website operation. 

You exceed your remarketing budget. The golden rule of marketing is to spend 80% of your budget on acquiring new customers and the remaining 20% on acting on abandoned shopping carts. If you regularly exceed the budget for remarketing. It would be good to have an analysis done by a specialist who, on the basis of tests and data received, can draw conclusions and propose recommendations.

You don't know what doesn't work. It all adds up, you have a large audience, you manage your own social media, you create sales processes, you get involved, but still the effect is not satisfactory? Facebook Ads makes it extremely easy to "burn through" the planned budget without knowing the ever-changing trends. Ad campaigns require thought and strategy in order to reach a specific target group that is interested in the product, and skipping this step can cost you a lot. A mass of information and data can be overwhelming, a specialist is there to draw the right conclusions for your business. 

When you are ready to start working together and are looking for the right person, consider whether you want a freelancer who you hire on an hourly basis or an advertising agency that will constantly watch over your advertising campaigns. Pay attention to whether the specialist has experience and can tell you about their track record. Why is this important? Don't be fooled that you can only see the results of your advertising after 3 months. We've heard similar stories many times, but in our experience you can do things differently. By carefully analysing your business, focusing on the perfect ad for your customer, making choices based on our insights, experiences you can significantly accelerate real results. Carefully check whether the marketer is able to analyse data in depth, draw accurate conclusions and introduce new solutions. The relationship with the person you want to cooperate with is as important as their experience in working with different industries. Pay attention to this and choose people with whom you talk well, you understand each other quickly, then you can more easily achieve your business goals.

There is much to gain by delegating your marketing activities: time - You can spend it on developing your business or relaxing, money - Your budget will be sensibly allocated supported by the experience of specialists, a calm head - you don't have to deal with it and worry about it. You will get a lot of new clients. Your new concern may be embracing new assignments. 

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