Tik Tok - new online sales channel

Tik Tok is another new channel of communication with recipients who may become your potential clients. It is worth considering it and presenting your services there, especially because it is gaining more and more interest not only from people of school age, but also from people between 18 and 24 - as many as 44% of users. That is why it is definitely worth existing on this channel. 

Social commerce - yes, it's changing!

Nowadays, users value real emotion shown in a video much more than a banner with the slogan "buy now". Tik tok is a great platform to present your products and services, showing the real benefits of use. Communication in the form of a video reaches potential customers much more strongly than a banner ad. A product recommendation from our favourite influencer convinces us more than a static banner on the web - that is why cooperation is also very valuable on this channel.

Sell more with Tik Tok ads 

Because the Tik Tok platform is targeting sales in paid ads it has placed a "Buy Now" button available in the US-selling online has become even easier. 

Tik Tok's platform is constantly evolving, it wants to start working with Shopify improve sales activities by adding e-commerc links to biograns, a "buy now" button to video ads and hashtags.

What do you get from starting an advertising campaign on Tik Tok?

  • increase sales of your products or services,
  • increase conversions, i.e. enquiries about your product or service, 
  • registering a potential customer on the website, to which you can then send a newsletter and build a customer base,
  • you increase the range of your brand recognition not only in Poland but also abroad
  • you increase the number of visits to your potential customers' websites 
  • build your brand position in social media 

Useful tips if you want to start running a channel yourself on Tik Tok:

  • Before you start working with an advertising agency, you can try your own hand at this channel with short recordings, tutorials, recipe videos - try different things and see what works.
  • Ads should be creative, interesting and natural. This is not the place for stiff footage, attract attention with dynamic music and authenticity - this is very important!
  • Try to work with an account that will support your business or even be an authority. For example, if you run a channel about healthy eating, it would be great if your videos were shown with a nutritionist or a person promoting healthy food - definitely such actions increase your popularity.

This simple tool can help you spread your wings in the maze of social media information. Bet on the authenticity, creativity and dynamism of your videos. By operating on this platform, you are sure to gain new potential customers and increase brand recognition. 

If you don't feel comfortable as a Social Media Ning, we are always here to help! We are one of the first agencies to run Tik Tok Ads campaigns. Check out how we can help you.